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About Us

                                                                               Doraemon' Pocket

    I have loved watching Doraemon since I was young, and I still love it even when I grow up. In the cartoon, my favorite is Doraemon's pocket, which can change a variety of novel things, which made me envious when I was a child. After growing up, I know that this pocket does not exist in reality, but this does not hinder my love for Doraemon. When I decided to start a freelance career, the first thought that came to my mind was that I wanted to open a small shop, just like Doraemon ’s pocket, filled with all kinds of novelties. This is the origin of the store name. I hope my store can become Doraemon's pocket, and my customers can find a variety of products they like here. And I am like Doraemon guarding Daxiong, guarding my customers and letting them shop without worries.

    So if you like Doraemon as much as I do, welcome to my shop

    If you want to find all kinds of novel things, welcome to my shop

    If you need to talk, please come to my shop and chat with me

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